GSM Communicator Systems


A GSM communicator can be added to any kind of equipment that has an output, from domestic and non domestic intruder alarm systems to agricultural and industrial sensors such as temperature, flow, humidity, chemical, flood - the list is endless. If you have a remote site that needs monitoring of some kind then these systems are ideal.



A remote hatchery that needs the temperature monitoring. If the chicks become to cold, you will be alerted.

Is a remote building liable to flooding causing distress and injury to livestock?

Has a remote fuel tank been targeted by fuel thieves?



Do you have remote buildings containing water treatment sensors monitoring the levels of chlorine dioxide for example? Instead of using personnel to regularly check on readings, connect a GSM communicator to the alarm output of the monitoring equipment to inform nominated persons immediately.


We have recently installed two GSM communicators in two seperate buildings at a large hospital. One unit alerts engineers of various outputs connected to the mains water treatment sensors and of low chemicals in the treatment tanks, the other is providing alerts from the hydro threapy pool - such as power loss, no flow, high/low chlorine dioxide and high/low ph readings.


As you can see from the above examples, the list could be endless at what could be connected to a GSM communicator, if you think your home or business could benefit from the installation of one or more of these units please contact us for more information.


We can install standalone systems that use a pay as you go sim card that will text or phone nominated persons.

If a higher level of security or monitoring of the transmission path is required, we can install systems such as a dual path system with both paths monitored.



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