Fire Alarm Systems


As a fire alarm system is a life saving piece of equipment, it should therefore be designed, installed and maintained by experienced and qualified personnel.


We are FIA (Fire Industry Association) trained on the design, advanced design, commissioning and servicing of fire alarm systems to BS5839-1 which generally covers most commercial properties and communal area's of purpose built flats.

We also design, install, commission and service to BS5839-6, fire alarm systems for dwellings such as HMO's, flats and student accommodation.


For small premises we would install conventional or twin wire systems and use fully programmable analogue addressable systems for large systems or for the immediate identification of the source of alarm in complex or high risk sites. Another feature is basic or sophisticated cause and effect programming.


We have carried out installations in a broad spectrum of premises from HMO's, bed sits, offices, factories and hotels.


Fire Alarm Servicing


All fire alarm systems must be regularly serviced. This is a legal requirement, if you have a fire alarm system installed, it MUST be serviced with a maximum period between service visits set at six months.


This is based on a risk assessment and maybe reduced for reasons such as a dirty environment, age of system or if an 'interested party' such as the fire officer, insurance company, local council or regulatory body specific to your line of business has additional requirements.


If you have a fire alarm system that suffers from regular un-wanted alarms (false alarms), then contact us to resolve your issues. A fire alarm should rarely, if ever, false alarm.


As per BS5839, all servicing personnel must be classed as a 'competent person', by using ADI Security Solutions you are ensuring that you comply with BS5839 and more importantly the FSO - The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.


We use modern test equipment as recommended by detector manufactures so as not to contaminate or damage detectors, plus giving the added benefit of complying with health and safety regulations. This also gives ourselves a professional image whilst on your premises.


Prohibition Notices


These are issued by fire officers on premises that have serious flaws in there fire saftey such as, no fire risk assessment, no fire alarm system (automatic fire detection), inadequate coverage of detection, lack of regular maintenance / no maintenance agreement with a competent firm, lack of emergency lighting, blocked or obstructed escape routes ect... This list is by no means exhaustive.


Fire officers no longer issue a 'fire certificate' but they are actively carrying out routine inspections to all manner of premises from restaurants, factories, HMO's, hotels, shops and especially premises that have sleeping occupants.


If you have been issued with a prohibition notice we can work with you and the fire officer to achieve a speedy resolution and have the prohibition notice lifted. We are regularly gaining new clients due to the inspections being carried out by fire officers, the main reasons are the client genuinely did not know of their obligations or their so called fire alarm servicing organisation is of a very poor standard using untrained 'engineers'.


There is a lot more to fire alarm servicing than just spraying 'fake smoke' at a detector!


Please click on this link to the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service for more information on your business fire saftey, duties, enforcements and regulations.



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